ISSA★コンサル 挑戦する人たちの居場所

【ISSA】I trying to introduce myself


【ISSA】I trying to introduce myself


Hello. How are you?


  • 22 years old.
  • From Japan.
  • A University student
  • I’m Studying Economic
  • Blogger
  • I have Maltese girlfriend
  • I have friends in 15 countries


【My hoby】Movie & Music

I like watching movies and listening to music.

I love watching movies

I love listening to music

I always listen to these songs.


【JAPAN】A profile of the country

I will introduce you to Japan.

  • Population over 100 million.
  • An “Island country” consists of five islands.
  • There are 4 seasons.
  • GDP of the whole country” is the 3rdlargest in the world.
  • Tokyo plays the role of the capital.

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【2000〜2018】World Heritage hometown

My hometown is Hida.

I grew up here until I was 18 years old.


In my hometown,

the streets are lined with beautiful old Japanese buildings.


There is a festival registered as a World Heritage Site.


Anime Movie



Hida is also the setting for the popular animated movie Your Name“, mainly in Asia, and is crowded with tourists.


【2019〜2021】I lived to Tokyo

I went to “Tokyowhen I was 19 years old.

And I’m a third-year college student now.

Speaking of Tokyo, the “Tokyo 2020 Olympics” was held in 2021.

Some people were watching it on TV.



It was taken over by Tokyo after the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Actually, I was working at the Tokyo Olympics.

COVID-19 was prevalent all over the world.
Meanwhile, many athletes and the press gathered in Tokyo.

My job was to use alcohol to combat infectious diseases.
I am glad that the Olympics were successfully completed without incident.


【2022〜】Why I came to Malta

I came to ”Malta” to study abroad and I’m taking a leave of absence from university now.

The reason I came to Malta was that

  1. It was possible to study abroad during COVID-19.
  2. The sea and the city are beautiful.
  3. It is relatively cheap to travel in Europe.


My favorite “Malta”

  • Malta is rich in nature.
  • There are many sunny days there
  • The sea and buildings are very beautiful there.

Malta also has other faces.

  • In the evening, dance to loud music at the club.
  • At the English Cafe, talk with fun friends in English and get excited.
  • Going to the casino and getting excited.

I have many ways to enjoy Malta.

I love Malta where is my second home.


Thank you for reading this far.

I update the story every day.

You can see the beautiful scenery of Malta.

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Thank you for reading it until the very end!

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